Kill Fish Company is an Oceanside, California based company. Two friends have teamed up to bring the fishing industry some of the highest quality fishing products and apparel. Kevin Fortmeyer grew up fishing and surfing in Oxnard, California. Rick Tierney, “The Grandson of the Helgren fishing family in Oceanside California”, has spent his whole life fishing and surfing the waters of southern California. These two have combined their experience and true passion for the ocean to bring you Kill Fish Company. All their Products are hand made by Kill Fish Company in the United States. In 2017, Kill Fish Company will be bring you high quality apparel and high quality products such as kill bags, Sea doo Kill bags, Travel bags, Travel gear bags, Foul weather gear, Handmade Calcutta gaff’s, Custom Fishing Rods and Custom meat hooks.

Kill Fish Company also has a patented product called The Chum Slick Slinger.
This chumming device not only works for drift fishing but works extremely well with trolling. Kill Fish has also patented a few other products that are coming soon.

Kill Fish Company has a deep passion for the ocean and the most important things
we stand by are Sustainability, Respect, Brother Hood, Community, and Family.
Love what you do, do what you love and always respect the oceans. Fish Hard!